Accelerated Learning and the Types of Memory

The concept of accelerated learning is almost synonymous to honing and sharpening your memory. There are many super learning techniques but it would be easiest if your memory is as sharp as a tack.

Now, to really understand how your mind and memory works, here are the different types of memories that every person has. And understanding them will truly help you understand and master speed learning.

Short-term Memory is where all the new things you are reading or watching or listening to is automatically stored. Some studies suggest that from everything you learn (in an interval of 15-60 seconds), only seven pieces of information would be stored.

Long-term Memory is where information is stored over a much longer period and some scientists believe that it can store an infinite amount of information but recalling it is dependent on: repetition, understanding, frequency and the emotion attached to that information.

Implicit/Procedural Memory is also known as our subconscious or unconscious memory. This is where our habits are stored (brushing your teeth, waking up at exactly the same time every day, etc.). This is the memory that automates or “auto pilots” our tasks.

Explicit/Declarative Memory is whereon of different facts and events are stored. These are the things that we consciously want to remember. It has two subcategories.

Episodic Memory is much like a person’s “autobiographical memory” because here is where all the memories about certain events and locations are stored (anniversary, first school, etc.). Emotion plays a huge part in this memory type.

Semantic Memory is where all the structured facts like science and mathematics are stored. Sometimes, semantic memories are from episodic memories- this happens when the sentimental value of that information has been eradicated.

Accelerated learning is very interesting because it allows you to have a wider knowledge base and a deeper understanding of different concepts. It can also definitely give you an edge in school or in work. Whenever and wherever, you can definitely be of advantage when you know accelerated learning.

Another way that accelerated learning and memory are interrelated is the fact that where we store our memories can be controlled! With certain super learning techniques, you can bypass short-term memory. By doing this, you’ll be sure to have the information that you need anytime.

Obviously, if you have a poor memory or you always forget things easily, no matter how many accelerated learning techniques you know, you would not get the results that you would have wanted.

Aside from the techniques themselves, other ways to improve your memory would be through eating right, proper exercise and different memory games or practices.