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Accelerated Learning and the Types of Memory

The concept of accelerated learning is almost synonymous to honing and sharpening your memory. There are many super learning techniques but it would be easiest if your memory is as sharp as a tack. Now, to really understand how your mind and memory works, here are the different types of memories that every person has.

How to Better Learn and Remember

Have you ever gone to a seminar and come home excited about all you learned that day? Filled with new ideas. Filled with enthusiasm. Bursting with ways to use the information to make your life better, easier, more fun. Then, a week later, you found that you had difficulty explaining to a friend exactly what

The Difference Between RN to BSN & RN to MSN programs

Nurses take on different paths of learning towards professionalism either going through a hospitals nursing school degree program or through the BSN degree from any tertiary institution. Becoming a registered nurse involves a high level of additional education to maintain their current position and advance in their career professionally. Nursing specializes on cases such as

Interactive Learning and Its Tools

As a result of credit crunch, most of the organizations are switching to cost saving operations. Training, being an on-going process, consumes a lot of time and money of the organization. In the traditional training process, the trainers need to develop the training material, design questionnaire & assignments, conduct class-room session, and evaluate the trainee’s