The Difference Between RN to BSN & RN to MSN programs

Nurses take on different paths of learning towards professionalism either going through a hospitals nursing school degree program or through the BSN degree from any tertiary institution. Becoming a registered nurse involves a high level of additional education to maintain their current position and advance in their career professionally.

Nursing specializes on cases such as critical care nursing or intensive care unit nurses (ICU) and the neonatal critical care also known as the intensive care nursery including exercising authority in managerial and administrative roles demands at least a BSN degree and might need an MSN degree. In addition to these requirements, some health care specialist are suggesting that all nurses be trained at the bachelor’s level and earn a master’s degree with a 10 years license.

DIFFERENCE BETWEEN MSN AND BSN (challenges faced by nurses who return to school to get one or both degrees)


  1. The BSN degree programs takes a period of four years, much faster programs are often available based on past knowledge and experience , the programs include adjustable course schedule to help working nurses continue their education without  disrupting their jobs.
  2. This programs are created to give a vast foundation of knowledge and experience for entry-level  nursing positions and to position graduates on getting advanced education which will make up for all the coursework  typically found in associate’s programs, BSN includes in-depth physical and social sciences courses  including courses in research ,nursing  management , humanities and public health.
  3. Paying close attention to professional developmental thinking provides interns or students with the ability to make proper decisions about caring for patients and also serving the integral members of the inter disciplinary care team with a doctor ,masters-level therapists and other highly educated colleagues.


  1. This program usually takes a period of two years and open to BSN degree holders, other MSN programs grants admission to students with health related degrees as well as entering an MSN program that accepts all BSC holders. Students first cover the basics of nursing course outline and become professional registered nurses, earning a master degree takes a duration of three years for those who want this degree.
  2. MSN concentrate on specialized areas like clinical nurse leader, nursing administration, nurse practitioner or clinical nurse educator. Course outline includes advanced nursing theory, research management issues, nursing informatics, physical and social sciences with clinical practice.


  1. Each year large numbers of RNs retire when they reach the retirement age, several opportunities are being looked into for experienced RNs including nursing recent programs graduates and due to this factor there are shortage’s of nurses.
  2. Statistics from the BLS shows that employment opportunities for nurses will increase by 16% in year 2024 they further stated that registered nurses with BSN degrees are assured of great job opportunities.
  3. Requirement for employment worldwide entails at least a BSN degree for nursing positions , employers who haven’t come to terms with this are trying a setup policy that shows preference to BSN holders .RNs will be evaluated due to the complex nature of health care, master’s level nursing   and bachelor’s degrees will be benchmark to the evaluation.


The statistics given by the BLS in may 2016, RNs earn an average salary of $68,450. Reported salaries range from $47,120 for those in the lowest  10%  to over $102,990 for RNs in the highest 10% of


 The growth and future of   health care services demands more nurses as they take on primary care roles and increased duties. The healthcare industry will grow continuously in a rapid way of change, hospitals out patients departments and specialty providers will need more highly trained nurses. Those with the advanced technical and leadership skills are needed to oversee and deliver high quality patients care as they have definite advantage in the job market.

As a registered nurse, getting an online masters in nursing will create more opportunities and expand your career opportunities with in demand skills comes the ability to decide where you live and work as well as giving your attention on special patients care, research, education administration or other numerous fields in which nurses with advanced degrees are recognized.

Potential students are advised to conduct personal researches to determine actual salary potential, job growth rates and availability, which differs according to location, education and experience.