Why Kids with ADHD Need to Move in Order to Learn?

Squirming, bouncing, worming and much more! Unfortunately, frustrated teachers and parents shout at squirmy children with ADHD (Attention Deficit /Hyperactivity Disorder). In fact, kids with this disorder are told to sit still and focus. But, do you know researchers have revealed that children with ADHD actually need to squirm to learn. Small movements such as foot-tapping, chair-scuffing, fidgeting, etc. may be crucial while working out tough tasks. Now, the researchers suggest that incorporating things such as treadmill desks or activity balls to the classroom can certainly help children do better.

Mark Rapport, who is one of the researchers from the University of Central Florida, said something surprising in a press release. He said that earlier interventions focused on reducing hyperactivity, but we should do exactly opposite of it with the ADHD children. He further said that it does not mean to let them run around the room, but you must allow them the movement they make while working on tough tasks. This will maintain their level of alertness.

The researchers came to this great conclusion after examining 52 boys aged between 8 and 12. These participants were filmed when they were doing complex cognitive tasks. You will be astonished to see that, out of 52, 29 boys have been diagnosed with ADHD. Researchers discovered that the students with ADHD were not fidgeting all the time. But, they started moving while working on tough cognitive tasks that required them to make use of their working memory. You can have a look at this quiz by Healthiq.com to know some astonishing information about the kids with ADHD.

 According to Mark Rapport, children with ADHD perform much better when they are moving the most. In fact, they found that other boys without ADHD who moved during the cognitive tests performed poorly than if they stayed still. Now, it is expected from the schools to incorporate innovative teaching methods such as replacing desks with exercise bikes or other tactics. By doing so, we can see more kids able to learn in an environment that works for them. For instance, you can browse through HealthIQ.com to get more health-related and other quizzes.