How To Learn And/Or Teach Spanish

With the job market as it is, speaking a foreign language is more important than ever before. It is far easier than you might think to advance your career, and/ or help your child become bilingual.

Spanish is probably one of the easiest languages to learn and teach because it is so similar to English. It is also one of the most requested by employers in today’s workforce.

Make it as experiential as possible

The best way to learn any language is to live in the Country, or with a family, were they speak the language you wish to learn. That is not always possible though. But here is something that works almost as well.

In The Class Room or co-op setting:

The best language teacher I ever had, was a high school teacher. He began the first half of the hour speaking only Spanish. To get us to understand what he was saying, he would act out the words or sentence he wanted us to understand. The class would excitedly begin interpreting his actions. This would continue until we understood. The experience was much like being immersed in the Country itself, as we had to figure out what was being conveyed to us. To this day I can remember the words associated with his lessons.

The second half of the class was a mixture of Spanish and English as we practiced what we had learned previously that day. This was a class everyone looked forward to, and where we all learned a tremendous amount.

Some teachers find it awkward to perform or be dramatic in a classroom of students. But that is the case with everything new. Once you get accustomed to it, and see how students respond, it actually becomes quite fun and easy. You will find students behave better as well.

In The Home

After studying some of the Spanish words, prepare an ethnic meal. During the first half of that meal, everyone agrees to speak only Spanish. You can have a Spanish/ English dictionary available. Do this on a regular basis, and it is amazing how much is learned.